Subtopic 5: Microgrid Monitoring, Management, and Comprehensive Security

Goals 目標

(1) To develop advanced strategies to integrate and control various subsystems including charging and discharging of battery banks of similar or dissimilar properties to enhance the MG-stability in response to various operation conditions.

(2) To develop grid monitoring and control schemes based on proper ICT standards and protocols to ensure power system security.


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Online Generation Scheduling and Economic Dispatching for Microgrid

Innovative Breakthroughs:  Via intelligent tracking of the behaviors of perfect dispatch, the online energy generation scheduling algorithm CHASE (Competitive Heuristic Algorithms for Scheduling Energy-generation) was able to bring about a remarkable 20% cost saving. 

Academic merits: Published in the conference ACM SIGMETRICS. The follow-up work was published in the renowned journal "IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid".

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Energy-efficient Operation of Heavy-duty Truck

Innovative Breakthroughs: The highly-efficient solution is able to solve this problem which can reduce the truck’s fuel consumption by up to 17% as compared to the common shortest/fastest path algorithm. 

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Cooperative Planning and Operation of Interconnected Microgrids

Innovative Breakthroughs: The team designed a fair cost-sharing scheme to split up total investment cost using the “Nash bargaining solution”, which incentivizes proactive participation of microgrids toward socially optimal planning of renewable generation. Such a cooperative planning method can save the total investment cost by 35.9%. 

Academic merits: Two papers published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid [Paper 1] [Paper 2]

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Smart Energy Management Online System: “Woo Sing Power”

Innovative Breakthroughs: Built a smart online energy management platform ”Woo Sing Power” which provides instantaneous feedback to all 300 dormitry rooms in CUHK LWS College to encourage energy conservation, and to administrators to find opportunities and policies to save energy.

Academic merits: Published in the e-Energy Proceedings of the “2015 ACM Sixth International Conference on Future Energy Systems”. 

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