Subtopic 6: Laboratory and Field Demonstration of MGs with PV Modules and Smart Storage

Goals 目標

To conduct field demonstration of MG operations based on intelligent control and integration of thin film PV modules, smart storages and loads and other technologies for providing electricity in student hostels under interconnected and islanded modes.



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Smart Microgrid Laboratory at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Innovative Breakthroughs: A first of its kind microgrid platform in Hong Kong dedicated for scientific experiment and practical implementation of advanced microgrids control algorithms.

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Granular Probabilistic Interval Forecasting

Innovative Breakthroughs: A novel optimization based probabilistic interval prognosis method for solar and other renewable energies in MG (in collaboration with Hong Kong Observatory).

Academic merits: Published in the journal “IEEE Transactions on Power Systems”.

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First-of-its-kind Smart Demand Controller in Hong Kong

Innovative Breakthroughs: A first of its kind smart demand controller in HK (both theoretical design and hardware implementation) enabling frequency/votlage response from various home appliances.

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