Subtopic 2: Solution Processed Excitonic Solar Cells

Goals 目標

To create an interdisciplinary research platform for fundamental research in solution-processed thin film photovoltaic devices and modules based on inorganic and organic active materials.


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Highly crystalline large-grain size perovskite thin film crystals with good  stability

Innovative Breakthroughs: Developed highly crystalline large-grain size (5x5 cm2)perovskite thin film crystals. Humidity and heat stability was significantly boosted from 1 week to two months.

Academic merits: Published in the journal “Advanced Energy Materials” under the Wiley series, and “Nano Energy.

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Design and Synthesis of New Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) Materials

Innovative Breakthroughs: The team achieved single-junction organic solar cells with a record efficiency of 11.5%, 

Academic merits: The achievement is noted as a major technological breakthrough in the renowned National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) (US Dept of Energy) chart of “best research-cell efficiencies”.

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Flexure-based Precision Roll-to-roll Machine for Fabrication of Flexible Electronics

Innovative Breakthroughs: The team successfully developed a world record technology in precision R2R printing, realizing continuous printing on 4” web with 100 nm resolution

Academic merits: Published in the journal Precision Engineering

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