Mission & Goals

Mission 願景

(1) To form an interdisciplinary team with wide-ranging expertise in chemistry, electrical and electronic engineering, materials, and physics from two local institutions, and to forge international collaborations towards the establishment of a world-class research center for solar energy harvesting, storage, and utilization in Hong Kong.


(2) To develop a sound human resource base for Hong Kong in the area of solar energy technologies by training and educating graduate students, postdoctoral research fellows, and local engineers through the execution of the proposed theme.


(3) To provide intellectual properties and technology consulting service to local industry, and thus to assist Hong Kong in advocating the far-reaching utilization of clean energy.



Goals 目標

(1) To develop new materials and processing techniques for thin film photovoltaic (PV) devices and modules based on thin film chalcopyrite and earth-abundant kesterite materials.


(2) To create an interdisciplinary research platform for fundamental research in solution-processed thin film photovoltaic devices and modules based on inorganic and organic active materials.


(3) To develop novel light-trapping schemes for the enhancement of photovoltaic efficiency.


(4) To explore novel metal oxides and organic dyes for chemical fuels via artificial photosynthetic and photocatalytic processes.


(5) To develop new materials and processing approaches for high energy-density batteries and high performance supercapacitors to be applicable for Microgrids (MGs).


(6) To develop advanced strategies to integrate and control various subsystems including charging and discharging of battery banks of similar or dissimilar properties to enhance the MG-stability in response to various operation conditions.


(7) To develop grid monitoring and control schemes based on proper ICT standards and protocols to ensure power system security.


(8) To conduct field demonstration of MG operations based on intelligent control and integration of thin film PV modules, smart storages and loads and other technologies for providing electricity in student hostels under interconnected and islanded modes.



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