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21 Nov 2016

CUHK Press Release 香港中文大學新聞稿
中大優化合成路徑 大幅度提高鈣鈦礦物料穩定性 突破性成果推動鈣鈦礦太陽能電池普及化
CUHK’s Groundbreaking Enhancement of Perovskite Solar Cell Stability Facilitates its Commercialization

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4. 科学网论文频道 - 2016年11月21日至11月27日最受关注的十大论文第四名:科学家大幅度提高钙钛矿物料稳定性 [科学网] 2016-12-02

15 Nov 2016

CUHK Press Release 香港中文大學新聞稿
CUHK Co-organizes Exhibition on Germany’s Energy Transition with German Consulate General Hong Kong - All are Welcome
中大聯同德國駐港總領事館舉辦德國「能源轉型」展覽 - 歡迎公眾參加

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7 Nov 2016

Why Hong Kong is ripe for a solar future [7 Oct 2016]

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【網上論壇】香港採用太陽能時機已到 (趙鈮、盧怡君 香港中文大學工程學院助理教授)[Apple Daily 2016-10-20]

26 Sep 2016

InnoTech Expo 

10位港科學家分享科研經驗 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily 2016-09-27] 
科學「搵到錢」 港生可投身 [Wen Wei Po 2016-09-27]

14 Sep 2016

CUHK Press Release 香港中文大學新聞稿
中大研發出不對稱超級電容器及新型液流電池 可再生能源儲存及傳輸技術取得新突破
CUHK Invents Asymmetric Supercapacitors and New Flow Batteries
A Breakthrough in Storage and Transmission of Renewable Energy

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1 Sep 2016

CUEngineering, 2016 Issue 2 
Research and Development: Sulphur-impregnated flow cathode to enable high-energy-density lithium flow batteries

15 Aug 2016

CUHK Bulletin No.1, 2016 [15 Aug 2016]
Keep it in the Ground   [English]   [Chinese]
PDF:   [English]  [Chinese]

1 Aug 2016

HKUST Press Release 香港科技大學新聞稿
HKUST Finds a New Material System that Opens a New Era for Organic Solar Cells
香港科技大學發現新材料體系 開創有機太陽能電池新時代

16 May 2016

WILEY's Materials Views China [16 May 2016]

25 Apr 2016

CUHK Feature Story 中大特寫 
Cleaning and Greening: Dean of Engineering leads the way to cleaner energy

21 Apr 2016

Water as a Clean Fuel 
(“Our Hong Kong” advertising campaign, Hong Kong SAR Government)

"Our Hong Kong" advertising campaign, under the creative concept "Innovation & Technology", Hong Kong SAR Government
"Our Hong Kong - The new clean fuel. Water." (Poster)

Youtube video (00'30"):

Feb 2016

QS News-2-WOW-U magazine, February 2016 Edition, issue no. 20, page 26 
The Chinese University of Hong Kong pioneers breakthroughs in solar energy research

QS News-2-WOW-U magazine (page 26):

2 Feb 2016

HKUST Press Release 香港科技大學新聞稿
HKUST Develops Environmentally Friendly Organic Solar Cells with Record Performance
香港科技大學研發環保有機太陽能電池 發電效率創新紀錄

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科大太陽能電池功率破紀錄 - 高效有機環保 輸出功率推高至 11.5% [文匯報] 2016-02-03 A13 港聞 
科大太陽能電池創世績 [大公網] 2016-02-03
科大發明列太陽能電池發展史 [明報] 2016-02-03

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