Publicity 2017

9 Dec 2017

14獲研資團隊分享成果 [文匯報] 

9 Dec 2017

11院所聯袂展示最新研發成果 港醫療智能莞科技周受捧 [大公報] 

15 Oct 2017

CUHK Press Release 香港中文大學新聞稿

中大領導研資局「主題研究計劃」跨院校智能化太陽能項目 研發高效節能微電網並投入實地試驗

CUHK Cross-institutional Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) Project 
Developing High-performing and Energy-saving Microgrids for Field Implementation

July 2017

CUHK Sustainable Campus 續綠中大 (Issue 17)

Smaller but Larger: Battery with record-high energy density opens up eco-friendly energy storage system

19 Jun 2017



31 May 2017

CUEngineering, Issue 4 

Breakthrough in Energy Storage Technology

11 May 2017

Materials Views


12 Apr 2017

CUHK Press Release 香港中文大學新聞稿
儲能技術新突破 - 中大研發全球最高能量密度水系液流電池
Breakthrough in Energy Storage Technology
CUHK Develops Aqueous Redox Flow Battery with Record Energy Density

10 Mar 2017

Chemistry World, Royal Society of Chemistry

Bromide makes the potential difference: A twist on redox flow battery chemistry affords record performance

5 Mar 2017



13 Feb 2017



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