Facts and Figures

The Research Project “Smart Solar Energy Harvesting, Storage and Utilization”:


  • Is the most highly funded project under the grand challenge topic “Developing a Sustainable Environment”in the Hong Kong government Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) since its establishment in 2011.
    為香港政府「主題研究計劃」 (Theme-based Research Scheme, TRS) 於 2011 年成立以來,四大範疇之一「建設可持續發展的環境」中,至今獲撥款最高的項目。 
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  • Obtained 7 world-record performance technologies achieved by the team, putting Hong Kong on the map
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  • More than 210 international journal papers published
    在多份國際期刊上發表了超過 210 篇論文 
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  • More than 150 students and research staffs trained / involved
    項目自開始以來,已有超過 150 位研究人員參與
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