Subtopic 3: Alternative Solar Technologies

Plasmonic and Upconversion Nanomaterials 

王建方教授 香港中文大學 物理系
Prof. Jianfang Wang, Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

針對問題Problem to be solved


49% of sunlight energy falls in infrared region. Due to the limitation of bandgap in semiconductor solar cells, majority of infrared energy was not absorbed and converted into electricity. Given no change to the materials of solar cells, efficient use of infrared energy is a challenging task.


特點及優勢 Uniqueness and Competitive Advantages



Research team of Prof. Jianfang Wang invented an innovative lanthanide-sensitized oxide, reaching a maximal power upconversion efficiency of 16% for infrared light, which is at least double the efficiency of traditional nano-upconversion materials. This material is stable, with simple

fabrication and low cost, and able to successfully convert infrared light into visible light. The team also designed solar cell models of this new material. The technology also has the commercialization potential of in lighting and computer monitors. This work has been published in Nature Communications in 2014.


太陽光中,49%的能量來自紅外光波段,可是傳統太陽能電池來未能收集紅外光能量。研究團隊研發的新型稀土敏化轉換料,能夠把紅外光直接轉化為可見光,讓太陽能電池收集。它的能量轉換效率達 16%,比傳統的納米上轉換材料 (5%) 高兩倍以上。



Plasmonically Generated Charge Carriers. The excitation of localized surface plasmon generates hot electrons and hot holes. The hot charge carriers interact synergistically to drive chemical transformations.



應用 Applications


Assist solar cells to convert subsemiconductor band-gap light energy into solar cell absorbable high energy photons.





Upconversion emission from 28 mol% Yb3+-doped ZrO2 was achieved. The left photograph shows the as-prepared powder sample. The right photograph shows the powder sample emitting strong white light under the excitation of a near-infrared, 976-nm laser invisible to the eye.



專利 Patent

Name of patent: "Converting infrared light into visible light using lanthanide-sensitized oxides" (US 14/279,128)


相關文獻 Related Paper:

  • Junxin Wang*, Tian Ming*, Zhao Jin, Jianfang Wang, Ling-Dong Sun & Chun-Hua Yan.  (2014). Photon energy upconversion through thermal radiation with the power efficiency reaching 16%. Nature Communications, 5: 5669. [Link]


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