News 2015

18 Dec 2015 

Prof. Zhao XU became the Editor of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 

18 Dec 2015

Dr. Youwei JIA won 2nd winner in 2015 IEEE Region 10 Postgraduate Paper Contest  

14 Dec 2015

Prof. Jianwei Huang Named 2016 IEEE Fellow

7 Dec 2015

Felix Wu Distinguished Lecture in Power Systems - "Smart Distribution Systems: State-of-the-Art and the Future" 

1 Dec 2015

BBC News: China's massive solar farm in Qinghai 

23 Nov 2015

Seminar "Chemistry-enabled Nanostructure and Interfaces for Solar Energy Conservation"

8 Nov 2015

Prof. Jianbin Xu was awarded the Research Excellence Award 2014-15

22 Oct 2015

Prof. Jimmy Yu was awarded the Choh-Ming Li Professor of Chemistry  by CUHK

22 Oct 2015

Prof. Jianwei Huang was awarded the Young Researcher Award 2014 by CUHK

22 Oct 2015

Prof. Yi-Chun Lu was awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award 2014 by CUHK

19 Oct 2015

Faculty of Engineering Distinguished Lecture: "Systems Materials Engineering Approach for Solar-to-chemical Conversion"

2 Oct 2015

CUHK Energy Day 2015 

2 Oct 2015

Prof. Zhong Lin WANG was awarded the "Thomson Reuters 2015 Citation Laureates"

28 July 2015

National operation information in PV and microgrids (First half year of 2015) released, Chinese National Energy Administration 

28 July 2015 

Guidance document on energy micogrid projects released, Chinese National Energy Administration

7 July 2015 

New generation of solar-powered vehicle first equipped with passenger seat 

5 July 2015 

President of CAS named ten emerging areas of innovation and technology developments 

5 July 2015 

[BBC News] Solar Impulse plane lands in Hawaii

2 July 2015 

[Call for Application] The Croucher Advanced Study Institute 2015-2016: Changing Urban Climate and the Impact on Urban Thermal Environment and Urban Living 

8 June 2015 

Solar-powered vehicle first navigated in the public roads in Hong Kong

19 June 2015 

[Seminar Announcement] "2D Carbides and Nitrides of Transition Metals (MXenes): Synthesis, Structure and Energy Storage Applications"

3 June 2015 

[Seminar Announcement] "Optoelectroncs in Organic and Metallic Nanostructures"

25 Apr 2015 

Tsinghua University announced the establishment of Innovative Research Institute of Energy Internet 

21 Apr 2015 

Prof. Jianbin Xu is awarded the Ministry of Education (MOE) Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards 2014

1 Apr 2015 

PhD student Mr Jia Youwei supervised by Prof. Zhao XU, has been awarded as Third Prize in 2014 IEEE Hong Kong Student Paper Contest

11 Mar 2015 

How F− gets an A+! 
Research of Prof. Jimmy Yu (CUHK) on F− Doping on TiO2 being cited more than 1,000 times: Mentioned in Editorial of Chemistry of Materials 

10 Mar 2015 

[BBC News]: A record-breaking attempt to fly around the world in a solar-powered plane has completed its first leg

4 Mar 2015 

IRENA: Cost-competiveness of renewable power generation technologies continued improving

24 Feb 2015 

Global photovoltaic shipments jump 15% in 2014

23 Feb 2015 

Apple and Citigroup Make Major Moves in Committing to Solar Energy

5 Feb 2015 

Prof. Yi-Chun Lu Pioneers a Step toward High-energy Redox Flow Batteries
in New Study Published in Nature Communications 



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